MALSB recipients
of the
MBAA International Distinguished Paper Award

Date Paper Title Author(s)/Affiliation
2017 How the NLRB's Decisions in Cases Involving Social Media are Narrowing the Definition of Concerted Activity...Whether Employees "Like" it or Not Jessica A. Magaldi, Pace University
Jonathan S. Sales, Pace University
Elizabeth A. Cameron, Alma College
2016 The Criminalization of Compliance Todd Haugh, Indiana University
2015 Medical Malpractice Non-economic Caps Violate Constitutional Right to Trial by Jury Carol J. Miller, Missouri State University
Joseph Weidhaas Missouri State University
2014 A Legal Analysis and Contrarian View of the Syllabus-as-Contract Perspective Kent D. Kauffman, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
2013 Using Films to Teach Business Ethics Students Teressa L. Elliott, Northern Kentucky University
Catherine S. Neal, Northern Kentucky University
2012 Facebook Meets the NLRB: Employee Online Postings and Unfair Labor Practices Robert D. Sprague, University of Wyoming
2011 No Award
2010 Financial Crisis: Impetus for Restoring Corporate Democracy Robert D. Sprague, University of Wyoming
Aaron D. Lyttle, J.D. Candidate, University of Wyoming
2009 Protecting Consumers: The Contractual and Real Estate Issues Involving Timeshares, Quartershares, and Fractional Ownerships Elizabeth Cameron, Alma College
Salina Maxwell, Michigan State University
2008 No Award
2007 Using Case Law to Teach Business Ethics: How Studying the "Ethical Minimum" Can Help Students Develop Ethical (and Legal) Decision Making Skills Paula Schaefer, University of Central Missouri
2006 Legal Limits on Prescribing Organizational Culture;
Important Safeguards for Employees and Employers
Dennis R. Kuhn, Villanova University
John A. Pearce II, Villanova University
2005 Employer's Legal Responsibilities in Preventing Religious Discrimination in the Workplace:
Respecting Employees' Religious Beliefs and Avoiding Liability
John A. Pearce II, Villanova University
Dennis R. Kuhn, Villanova University
Samuel A. DiLullo, Villanova University
2004 Use of the Stakeholder Paradigm to Achieve Ethical, Accountable and
Socially Responsible Corporate Governance
Frederick R. Post, University of Toledo
2003 Environmental Risks-CGL Exclusions to Insurability Carol J. Miller, Southwest Missouri State University
2002 Impact of China’s Revised FDI Laws and WTO Entry on FDI in China:
Implications for Chinese Policy Makers
Guo-an Wang, Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Engineering
Mary Virginia Moore, Southeast Missouri State University
Xiao-hua Yang, Bond University
2001 Market Structure & Employee Relations:
An Analysis of the Newspaper Industry
Mary Ellen Benedict, Bowling Green State University
Judith Stilz Ogden, Indiana University/Kokomo
2000 No Award  
1999 Teaching About the Unpredictability of Litigation Through a Mock Jury Exercise Murray S. Levin, University of Kansas
1998 Ellulian Natural Law: A Challenge for Corporate Codes of Conduct Timothy Fort, University of Michigan
1997 Arbitral Standards for Employee Discipline Under No-Fault Attendance Control Policies William J. Walsh, Illinois Wesleyan University
David Marvin, Illinois Wesleyan University
Jack Fields, Illinois Wesleyan University
1996 LLCs and LLPs: New Business Alternatives in Missouri Carol J. Miller, Southwest Missouri State University
1985 State Taxation of Multijurisdictional Corporate Income Mike Litka, University of Akron
Wayne C. Station,
1984 Tender Offers, the Williams Act,
Shareholder's Rights and Officers' Responsibility
Willian Egan, University of Notre Dame
Richard Hunter, University of Notre Dame
1982 Penn Central Landmark Preservation George J. Seidel, University of Michigan
1981   Bill McCarty